Spore Syringes


Quality You Can Trust: Every spore syringe we offer is carefully prepared from organically grown mushrooms on our farm. Our spores are handpicked and meticulously cultivated to ensure maximum viability and purity. The sterile syringes are filled with a clear, spore-laden solution that’s ready for your research or cultivation.

Easy to Use: Our spore syringes are user-friendly, even for novices. Each syringe comes with comprehensive instructions to guide you through the process of inoculation and subsequent stages of growth, ensuring you have all the knowledge you need for a successful harvest.

Diverse Strains: Explore the vast world of mycology with our wide variety of mushroom spore syringes. Each strain offers unique properties and growth patterns. Whether you’re interested in popular edible strains or looking to explore exotic varieties, we’ve got something for everyone.

Safety and Compliance: Your safety is our top priority. Our syringes and packaging materials are sterilized to ensure contamination-free products. Moreover, we comply with all local, state, and federal laws concerning the sale and transportation of mushroom spores.

Sustainable Practices: We believe in honoring the earth and employ sustainable farming practices to cultivate our mushrooms. By choosing our products, you’re supporting a business that cares about our planet.

Experience the joy and fascination of mushroom cultivation right in your home with Aunt Tara’s Farm Mushroom Spore Syringes. A world of growth awaits you.

Please remember that mushroom spores are intended for microscopy and taxonomy purposes only. Check your local regulations regarding the possession and use of mushroom spores.



Journey into the fascinating world of mycology with Aunt Tara’s Farm Mushroom Spore Syringes. Our spore syringes are designed to offer an accessible and reliable way for mushroom enthusiasts to cultivate their own mushrooms at home, whether beginners or experts.